Ozecraft Dye Instructions

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Ozecraft Craft Dye Instructions
- dyes as selected
- Paint tray, with separate compartments
- Eye droppers
- Paint brushes
- Rubber gloves
  -  a little imagination and time
1.  Place lace right side up on tray
2.  Give the bottle a good shake
3.  Pour a small amount of dye into a cup (or a few drops with an eye-dropper)
4.  Dip the brush into the dye & start applying to the lace. (Dye can be diluted with water for
a paler shade.)
5. When finished, dry with a hand held hairdryer or place in a microwave oven starting at 10
Drying time will depend on the power of the microwave you are using and the size of the
lace. Just keep checking & repeat until the lace is dry.
Be adventurous & experiment by mixing colours, adding water for paler shades & painting
over or heating the dye slightly to make it deeper. Simple combinations such as 2-3 shades
of Pinks & Greens on a flower motif can give a very attractive look.
(BLACK may need to be painted over 2-3 times - if the entire motif needs to be dyed BLACK
use microwave or ‘Stove Top’ method)
ENJOY!                                   EXPERIMENT!                                      CREATE!
Ribbon roses can be dipped or dyed using a brush – let these dry naturally or use a
hairdryer, as they can easily melt in a microwave! You can dye them a pale shade & when
dry just tip the edges with a deeper colour.
Care must be taken if you are dyeing lace to put on wearable items which need to be
washed. The ‘Stove Top’ method should be used & take care by hand washing in cool water
with mild detergent.
To deepen shades just warm the dye (NOT BOIL) in a cup – dye is deeper when warmed.
When dying tassel, place dye in a shallow container, & carefully lower the tassel into the
dye. Gently squeeze out excess dye (Remember the rubber gloves for this!) & dry flat or on a
skirt hanger. Tassel can also be dried in the microwave. Any tangles can be straightened out
when the tassel is dry.
‘ANTIQUE LOOK’ for a wonderful aged/antique look use a dip made with Persian Gold dye &
water. Start by using 1 part water to 3 parts Persian Gold – if this is too light just add 1 part
more of Persian Gold. The dip is best used when you have finished col
By diluting with water you can achieve a wonderful array of shades.
Silk ribbon takes up the dye beautifully but Polyester ribbon may need to be done 2-3 times
to get the desired result. Many cheap Nylon/Polyester laces will not dye successfully. Also,
as lace varies in components so will the results. It’s best if you are not sure to test a piece
Squares of Cotton, Silk, Linen, & calico can be dyed. Great for patchwork/quilting. Pieces up
to 40 cms square can be dyed in the microwave in a plastic container or in a suitable
container on the stovetop. PLEASE NOTE- using these 2 methods the colour will be deeper
so test first.
Try Small amounts first on a 12 inch square of cotton
Put 250mls of water & 1-2  teaspoons of the dye in a suitable container, wet the fabric first,
add to the dye & bring to the boil. Simmer for 5-6 minutes. Carefully remove the fabric &
rinse until the water runs clear. Dry naturally.
Put 250mls of water & 1-2  teaspoons of the dye in a plastic container, wet the fabric, and
add to the dye. Put the container in a plastic bag, secure the top & put 3-4 small holes
towards the top of the bag. Place in the microwave & bring to the boil. Le
Results will vary depending on the fabric so it is always best to test first
Though every care is taken dye lots may vary from time to time.
OZECRAFT is a liquid dye
PLEASE NOTE: many laces may appear to be Rayon but are actually Polyester. Check
carefully before you purchase
These instructions have been prepared with great care, but Kiwi Threadz will not be 
responsible for errors or omissions
copyright @2013  Kiwi Threadz Ltd