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Layer em Up 2 Basically Boxes

Layer 'em Up 2: Basically Boxes

Layer 'em Up 2: Basically Boxes, by Sharyn Craig, published by Cozy Quilt Designs is the second in a series of books by Sharyn Craig.  This quilt book is an excellent book for quilters of all levels that want to create fast & fun quilts.

Designs are based on a fun approach to piecing that is very forgiving.  The tecniques work well for scrappy quilts, planned color & print quilts, art quilts and more.  

Insights are shared to help with fabric selection, about pre-washing vs not-pre-washing, and more.

Instructions are provided with good visuals for basic construction of blocks, squaring up, sewing the quilt top and adding borders.

There are a number of beautiful photos for the quilt designs, using a variety of color waves and prints.  Each of the primary block designs come with cutting instructions that work with a number of sizes (eg. 3", 6", 7", or 8" finished block).

There are four primary block designs (e.g. Band box, Around the Box, Field of Box, and Condo Box) that are perfect for scrappy or controlled quilts.  You get to make the choice.  These designs are also perfect for yousing a Layer Cake, or other 10" square packets.

Insight are also included to help you layout your blocks using a straight set vs diagonal set.

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